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Why Propane Provides a Cleaner Energy Source

Propane is known well for its efficient fueling capabilities and relatively clean burn. We’ve all gone through the propane exchange process to power our grills, heaters, homes and RVs, but it might be interesting to learn the reasons propane gas is an optimal fuel source. 

Here’s why propane provides cleaner energy than its counterparts:

Propane Burns Cleaner Than Any Fossil Fuel

Propane has the lowest air contaminant levels of any fossil fuel available which reduces carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and greenhouse gas emissions. Compared to electricity (which is generated by nuclear power or burning coal) or gasoline, propane is a much cleaner energy source. 

Propane is Non-Toxic

In the unlikely event of a leak, propane wouldn’t contaminate the atmosphere or soil. When released, propane doesn’t pool, instead, it dissipates quickly— all it takes is a small amount of air dispersion. Unlike liquid fuels, propane won’t contaminate environmentally volatile areas like gardens, bodies of water, etc. Utilizing propane exchange to fuel your at-home or commercial items is typically the safest route. 

Propane Works More Effectively 

Propane contains twice the energy as other natural gasses and heats up appliances 40% faster than electric instruments. As a whole, propane offers more bang for your buck, with significantly lower costs for the same amount of power and a lower carbon footprint. 

Utilize Propane Delivery Services 

Western Propane Services’ propane exchange service delivers clean fuel straight to your doorstep. We offer commercial and residential delivery throughout Orange County and Long Beach, prepared by a well-trained and professional staff. 

Our propane prices are at or below the self-exchange cages you see in front of major retailers, even with delivery. We’ll also ensure you’re getting the full 4.5 gallons allotted for cylinders, rather than the 3.5 the other guys will give you. 

Check your zip code to get started with greener fuel delivered straight to your door!