commercial propane supplier

Why Choose Us as Your Propane Supplier?

What are your priorities when it comes to finding a residential or commercial propane supplier? Price? Quality of service? Convenience? Western Propane Services has it all. 

Here are just a few reasons we stand out above the rest: 

Convenient Delivery

We offer commercial and residential propane delivery (also known as cylinder/tank exchange) to 64 zip codes in Orange County and Long Beach— we bet you’re one of them. All you have to do is provide the information for the exchange, let us know where to find your old tanks (or drop off a brand new one) and within 24 hours we’ll have your fuel delivered. 

As a commercial propane supplier, there’s no limit to the frequency and amount of fuel you can receive. Just let us know whether you’d like your deliveries on-demand or routinely, and we can accommodate with no long-term contracts or hidden fees. Check our commercial propane delivery prices and info here

Discounted Propane 

Whether you opt for delivery or choose to refill at our location in Garden Grove, we offer more fuel for less money. Our propane prices are already far below those you see in front of major retailers, and we fill your tank to its maximum capacity (4.5 gallons). That means you’re getting discounted fuel, and 28% more of it. 

Our commercial and residential propane delivery prices are at or below self-exchanges cages, which means you’re getting more fuel for less, and it’s being delivered directly to your location for no extra charge. Other propane companies in California will mark up the fuel, fill your tank to 3.5 gallons and charge extra for delivery— we don’t believe in any of that. 

Excellent Customer Service

We believe in exceeding customer expectations through dedication to superior service and attention to each of our patron’s individual needs— just ask the reviews on Google! We make sure to complete our jobs thoroughly, efficiently and in a manner that earns the trust of those we serve. We guarantee that no other propane companies in California will offer the same attention.

Get Started with Your Local Propane Supplier 

We’re ready to get you started! Whether you’re looking for residential propane delivery or need a commercial propane supplier, we have the tools, expertise and desire to help. Check our commercial and residential propane delivery prices to get started!