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What to Look for in a Commercial Propane Supplier

While it might seem like a menial decision, choosing a commercial propane supplier can make all the difference between the quality and value of services provided. In the business setting, propane exchange can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly— that’s why you need to understand which provider will offer the best prices and services. 

Here’s what to look for in a commercial propane provider: 


Ordering propane shouldn’t be a burden. Check if your supplier offers convenient services like propane tank exchange delivery on a regular schedule. If they don’t, find a new provider. You can waste hours per week refilling propane and lugging it back to your destination. 

If they do, ask yourself— are they meeting demand? Are they delivering on time? Do their prices align with my budget? Are their quotes the same as the final delivered prices? If the answer to any one of those is no, it might be time to find another propane supplier. 


Any company can claim that they offer the best prices in the area, but with delivery fees, hidden charges and sneaky industry tactics, you might be getting less than your money’s worth for your propane exchange. Make sure your commercial propane supplier is being transparent with their costs— if they give you their prices up front and you see additional expenses added post-delivery, they’re likely overcharging you with hidden fees. 

If their propane tank exchange delivery prices are vastly higher than their other services, find a new provider. Companies like Western Propane Services offer delivered prices at or below what you’ll see at retail exchange cages, and we’ll fill your tanks to their full capacity with 12% more fuel than major retailers. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Of course, customer ratings will tell you everything you need to know about a company’s quality of services. Seeing first-hand accounts of people who have worked with your supplier in the past is a great way to understand how your experience will be with them.

It’ll also give you the opportunity to ascertain businesses you should stay away from. Low ratings can come from any number of reasons, but often will be associated with cost and customer service— you’ll probably get a good idea why they have a low rating once you read through their reviews. 

The Best Commercial Propane Supplier in Town 

Western Propane Services offers convenient propane tank exchange delivery at prices at or below the self-exchange cages you see in front of major retailers. That means your propane is delivered straight to your doorstep with no hidden fees or charges. We have dozens of phenomenal reviews from satisfied customers, and we strive to continue maintaining the highest-quality services available. 

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