Residential propane tank service

What is a Residential Propane Tank Service?

Today’s world is all about convenience, cost and efficiency— a residential propane tank service provides the best of all of the above. Instead of purchasing or refilling your propane at a self-exchange cage or major retailer, a propane tank exchange delivery service brings fuel right to your door. 

Here’s how it works: 

Choose Your Service

All residential propane providers have a slightly different process to order. If you choose Western Propane Services, you’ll just select your zip code out of our list of 64 throughout Orange County and Long Beach. 

You’ll then choose your service— exchange or no exchange. If you choose to exchange your tank, the cost is less than half of what you’ll pay for a brand new tank, which is standard with any residential propane tank service. 

Provide Info for Your Residential Propane Providers 

You’ll then input only the information relevant to completing the delivery, including any special instructions for how and where you want the exchange to occur. The best part is, you don’t have to be home for the delivery— just put the tank where we can get to it and we’ll exchange it for a full tank, along with your receipt. 

There are no hidden fees or recurring charges, our services are on-demand only when you need them. 

Save Money with Residential Propane Delivery 

Once you’ve completed the order, we’ll typically fulfill the delivery within 24 hours. Our propane tank exchange delivery pricing is at or below self-exchange cages, and our cylinders are filled to the full 4.5 gallons, not the 3.5 gallons like they do. 

This means you’re getting 28% more fuel for the same or less cost, and we’ll deliver it. Don’t worry about safety, either— major retailers underfill your tank, we fill it to its maximum capacity. 

Getting Started with a Residential Propane Tank Service 

Western Propane Services is one of the best residential propane providers in Orange County and Long Beach. Our Propane tank exchange delivery saves the time and money you would’ve otherwise spent lugging your old tanks around and refilling them with 28% less fuel. 

Check your zip code to get started.