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What Do We Have that Other Propane Gas Companies Don’t?

It might be shorter to explain what we don’t have— nonetheless, we’ll stick to the topic at hand. Western Propane Services is one of many propane gas companies supplying Orange County and Long Beach, but our reputation and merit precede us. 

Here’s why: 

Commercial and Residential Propane Delivery

Regardless of the quantity or usage, we’re one of the few propane companies in Southern California that offer delivery to both commercial and residential establishments. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to fire up the grill, a restaurant fueling outdoor propane heaters or a contractor powering a worksite, our mobile propane exchange offers an affordable, safe and effective way to obtain fuel.  

Unbeatable Prices

Even with delivery, our prices are at or below self-exchange cages you see in front of major retailers and other propane gas companies. Our cylinders are filled to 4.5 gallons, not the 3.5 you usually get when you re-up with them. This means you get 28% more fuel, and delivery, for the same or less than what you usually pay. Our mobile propane exchange was intended to relieve businesses and residents in and around Orange County of the ever-soaring costs of necessary fuel. 

A Superior Reputation 

When a company is centered around the fundamental belief to “treat others how you want to be treated,” you’ll notice that the prices are lower and the quality of service is higher. That’s our core belief, and we follow through in every aspect of the business— just ask our satisfied customers!

The Best Among Propane Gas Companies 

Other propane companies in Southern California might talk the talk, but we’ll show you. Whether you’re looking for fuel for an outdoor propane heater or hoping to run your business more efficiently, Western Propane Services has everything you’re looking for. 

Check out our mobile propane exchange, or visit our physical location in Garden Grove!