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The Options Available to Fuel Your RV in Orange County

There are a number of steps you have to take when prepping an RV— inspecting your vehicle, stocking up on supplies, propane exchange or refill, the list goes on. Many propane companies in Southern California have limited services or overcharge for their fuel. 

Many don’t realize there are actually options for fueling your recreational vehicle, and some of them offer unparalleled convenience and minimize costs. We’ll let you figure out which one those are: 

Major Retailers

Sure, it seems easy enough. Lug around a propane tank, drive to the nearest refill point, wait in line, fill it up, haul it back and you’re ready to go. Seems like the ideal solution, right? But what if we told you that you’re doing unnecessary labor and being charged extra for 12% less fuel? Because that’s the case with most major retailers. 

Mobile Propane Service 

You can eliminate nearly all of the above steps by utilizing Western Propane Service’s residential propane delivery. All you have to do is order online. Within 24 hours, one of the best propane companies in Southern California will show up at your doorstep, remove your old tank and leave a filled one wherever is convenient for you. 

You can choose between a propane exchange or purchasing a new cylinder. Our cylinders are filled to the legal capacity of 17lbs (4.2 gallons) unlike retailer exchange cages that only fill your cylinder to 15lbs (3.5 gallons). You’ll receive two more hours of burn time and delivered prices at or below those of self-exchange cages. 

A One-Stop Shop

Maybe you’re already on the road or ultra convenience just isn’t your thing— don’t worry, our mobile propane service isn’t our only strong suit. We have a one-stop shop for all things RV refill. Grab supplies, ice, water, air, and, of course, propane. We have no minimums on our refills, although we do reward volume with a lower price for purchases of 20+ gallons. 

Getting Started with Our Propane Exchange Services 

Whatever your needs, Western Propane Services has an option for you. As one of the top propane companies in Southern California, our goal is to ensure affordable, accessible and safe fuel for everyone in our service area. 

Get started with our mobile propane service today, or stop by our RV pit stop