propane services


For both businesses and residents in Yorba Linda, the best propane services will be found by working with Gassy Dan. We offer the lowest propane rates in Orange County and our team is comprised of an elite group of licensed experts in propane equipment and materials. We regularly work with many businesses, particularly with restaurants and hotels, offering the most efficient and dependable hospitality propane services in Yorba Linda. On-location service is just one of our specialties when it comes to anything related to Yorba Linda propane services.

For both restaurants and hotels, we can provide equipment, as well as maintenance and refill services. For a restaurant, propane in Yorba Linda can be much more effective and affordable than other energy sources. For instance, outdoor heating is more efficient when utilizing propane heating systems. These units are extremely safe, odor free and easy to set up and move around as needed. Hotel propane use in Yorba Linda is also on the rise. There is nothing so inviting and comforting as having propane heating elements strategically placed across hotel grounds. This allows for casual and comfortable strolls at nighttime, especially on colder evenings.

Your guests and visitors can then take full advantage of the hotel property without shivering or rushing back to their rooms. However, businesses are simply one part of our service model. We regularly perform deliveries, refills and equipment checks for residents of Yorba Linda as well. Our prices for residential customers are the lowest and best in the entire area. Residents do not even have to be at home in order to keep their propane tanks filled and operating at top capacity. If we can access your tanks, we can perform the service and bill you, so you are never stuck at home waiting for service. Now is the time to get working with Gassy Dan. We will save you money and make your life much easier!