propane gas cylinder no exchange


Our slogan, “Got Gas? We Do and We Deliver?” was meant to elicit a smile, but at the same time represent what we do; safe and affordable propane BBQ cylinders delivered to your door. No more waiting in line to get your cylinder refilled or exchanged. No more dirty-greasy cylinder rolling around in your vehicle.

Eliminate the headaches and have one less thing to worry about; let us safely deliver you a new or replacement cylinder to your doorstep.  We deliver to over 64 zip codes in Orange County & Long Beach.

Cylinders expire 12 years from manufacture date and cannot be exchanged.  Date can be found on the neck ring expressed as month and year ex: 04/11.   If your cylinder is expired you may use our “No Exchange” option. See manufacture date examples here

Our delivered pricing is at or below self-exchange cages you see in front of major retailers and our cylinders are filled to 4.5 gallons, not a mere 3.5 gallons (15 lbs.) like they do.

This means you get 28% more fuel for the same or less cost; and it’s delivered.

Orders are typically delivered within 24 hours. There is no delivery on Saturday, Sunday & Holidays.  

Before placing your order, please first confirm we deliver to your zip code below.

No refunds on home delivery exchange or new cylinder orders.


We deliver to 64 zip codes in Orange County & Long Beach. Please select the zip code for your delivery address. If the zip code is not listed, we don’t currently deliver to that area.