seal beach propane delivery

Seal Beach Residential Propane Delivery Service Now Available

Known for its limitless outdoor activities, Seal Beach is kind to open-air enthusiasts and the indoorsy crowd alike— we’re happy to announce that our residential propane delivery service is now available in Seal Beach! 

Whether you’re looking to power an RV or fire up a grill, Western Propane Services offers a convenient way to avoid the hassle and excessive costs of refills and exchanges. 

Residential Propane Providers for Orange County and Long Beach 

We pride ourselves in servicing more than 64 zip codes in Orange County and Long Beach— Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine and Garden Grove are just a few popular delivery locations. 

How Our Residential Propane Delivery Service Works 

The process is simple— check your zip code for availability, pick your service (exchange or no exchange), let us know how to get to you and we’ll do the rest. We’ll typically have your order delivered within 24 hours. 

If you don’t want to exchange, we can fill your current cylinder as long as the manufacturing date isn’t older than 12 years. You can also purchase a new and filled cylinder at our retail location, or have it delivered straight to your house. 

Propane Delivery Pricing

As your residential propane providers, we strive to maintain the highest quality services and pricing available. Our prices are at or below typical self-exchange cages, and we fill the tanks to 4.5 gallons instead of the 3.5 you get from most retailers. Exchanges are $27.95 and new cylinders are $59.95. 

A Residential Propane Delivery Service You Can Trust 

Our experienced, attentive staff strives to exceed customer expectations and make what could otherwise be a burdensome chore into a simple and effective experience. We’ll do all the work, saving you time, money and labor in the process. 

Check out our residential propane delivery service page to learn more or place an order!