As a restaurateur your number one priority is to provide your customers with great food and ambiance in a comfortable setting. As a hotelier, beyond outside dining you may also want to heat other areas on property. Be it dining or just relaxing, keeping your patrons comfortable on chilly evenings can make a difference between a great experience and return customer or not. The last thing you need to be dealing with are outdoor patio heaters that will not light or function properly.

That’s where we come in; we eliminate the headaches associated with outdoor heating allowing you to focus on your core competency; great food, happy customers and memorable events. For more details, click below.

Ryan Stock
Restaurants at Caruso
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"I have been working with Dan for almost 3 years now and I have never needed ANYTHING. The Service has been fast and easy. Dan is always available to assist with anything I need whether it be a replacement heater or a last minute delivery. Great Team and Great Service."
Zach Lockman
Hyatt Resort, HB
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"Dan is a true expert on everything related to propane and outdoor heaters!  He is warm, professional, extremely knowledgeable and an overall nice guy.  He and his team are very responsive to any service requests and provide unparalleled service for all of our gas needs as well as heater options.  Western Propane is a world-class operation with home town friendly service."
Chris O'Mally, GM
Waterman's, Hermosa Beach
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"Dan and his team provide an excellent service. The best vendor we have had in the last 5 years, giving great professional customer service and fast quality maintenance."
Sylvano Ibay
Anaheim White House Restaurant
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"We had always tried to maintain and purchase heaters and tanks but the ROI just wasn’t cutting it, in came Dan and it has been exactly what we needed. Service has always been prompt and efficient. They have been taking care of any repairs necessary and customer service is always on point. I strongly recommend and urge those to take the stress out of it and let Dan take care of the rest.."
Kris Nelson
On The Rocks
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Western Propane has made my life easier! No more running to get propane, I’m set up with a weekly delivery and storage solution for my tanks so I never have to worry about running out. They are dependable and I know I can always call them for a repair when needed.
Joy Moseman, GM
Tantalum, Long Beach
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As a local, high volume restaurant operator, we have been happy clients of Western Propane for several years now. "Gassy Dan," I have met in person, is always a pleasure and works side by side with his team, and it shows in his team's work ethic and customer service as well as manager Gerry Guzman. Over the last, almost 2 years of operating throughout a pandemic, the entire crew with Western Propane has impressed me beyond my expectations. During a hard time to navigate business professionally for both of our industries, it was truly heartwarming to see how much we could come together to help each other out, especially when it felt impossible. Western Propane Services prices are competitive and they are easy to work with in accounting, at the location and their delivery drivers. This hard working crew will have our business for years to come.
Whether you choose to buy or lease your heaters, we can also supply the propane with our cylinder exchange program and “Never Out Promise!” We sell only commercial grade heaters designed for rugged everyday use, and you can count on our best in the industry cylinder exchange program for your propane needs.

Much like a Milkman, we replace your empty cylinders with full. Your employees are able to easily identify full cylinders by the bright blue cap on each valve. Our cylinders receive a full inspection each time they are filled so you can be assured of a safe and full cylinder. With our “Never Out” promise you can be assured you will never run out of propane. We closely monitor your usage and delivery to your needs. We provide the cylinder storage cages!

More fuel for the same price. We save our customers an average of 30% over other exchange services. Our cylinders are filled to capacity; the others don’t!

We strive to exceed customer expectations through dedication to superior service and attention to our customers’ individual needs. We accomplish this with a high level of integrity, uncompromised ethics, and a well-trained professional staff. We treat each customer in the manner we would expect to be treated.

Safety is our number one priority. Our employees are fully trained on the proper handling and dispensing of Propane. We are members of the Western Propane Gas Association and stay on top of the every changing regulations related to LP Gas. We are truly experts in our field.

Leasing our stylish commercial duty heaters means you will never again have to deal with units that will not light or function. We take care of all the repair and maintenance as a part of the lease, and if we can’t fix it, we replace it. Your accountant will thank you as leasing makes for a great tax deduction verses owning. For more information about our patio heater leasing and/or propane cylinder exchange contact us.

We supply the storage cage and lock.  Storage cage(s) are required per the California Fire Code.  View cage and dimensions here