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Propane Safety Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Propane is an affordable and efficient way to fuel your home or appliances, but as with any power source, there are important steps you can take to ensure your safety. Propane companies in Southern California recommend the following measures to prevent injury or damages: 

Don’t: Store Propane in Closed Spaces  

Propane tanks are relatively safe, but if stored in areas with little circulation, this dangerous gas can build up and ignite at the slightest spark. Make sure your tank is out of direct sunlight in a well-circulated location that stays between 120 and -40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Do: Secure Tanks When Transporting

When you’re traveling with propane, it’s important to secure your tanks in an upright position so they won’t move around. If there’s too much movement, your tank can shift the pressure relief valve to the bottom. It’s also important not to leave your tanks in your vehicle, according to propane companies in Southern California. 

Don’t: Let Your Propane Run Out 

Leaving the appliance valve or gas line open after your tank runs out can cause a leak when the system is refueled with propane. It can also leave room for air and moisture to rust the inside of the tank. Make sure you shut off your propane supply as soon as it stops fueling your appliances. 

Do: Ask a Professional 

If you’re new to the world of propane, it might be beneficial to utilize the expertise of a professional. When you buy, refill or exchange your propane, ask for safety tips applicable to your specific needs and usage. You can also find additional propane safety tips online. 

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