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Leading the Anaheim Area with Quality Propane Services

As the home of the original Disneyland, Anaheim has plenty of restaurants and hotels. At Gassy Dan, we regularly offer quality Anaheim propane services for many local businesses, particularly at the hotels and restaurants in town. With our top flight crew of certified and knowledgeable experts, you can always be certain of getting the best service at the lowest prices possible.

Our hospitality propane services remain second to none. With our 30,000 gallon propane storage tank, we are able to buy our quality propane gas in bulk and we always pass on these significant savings to our valued and loyal customers. For a restaurant, propane use in Anaheim can be a real money saver. Many of our restaurant clients take advantage of leasing our propane heating systems instead of buying them. As part of the leasing program, restaurateurs are also provided with highly reliable and dedicated maintenance and checkups, along with the initial installation and regularly scheduled refills. For any eatery that has outside space for dining, having safe and odorless heating units placed throughout the dining area simply makes sense. On cold days or evenings, this valuable space remains open for use, and diners will take advantage of a leisurely meal and perhaps an after dinner drink and dessert when the ambiance remains inviting and comfortable.

Likewise, hotel propane use in Anaheim is also on the rise. Many guests of Anaheim hotels like the option of a late evening stroll through the grounds, and with discrete and functional heating units placed throughout the property, hotel visitors find that they can enjoy all of the amenities of the hotel, particularly outdoors.

Finally, our Anaheim propane services are not just limited to businesses. Many residents have discovered the value and convenience of propane for their homes, and with our speedy and dependable home service, they remain assured that their propane tanks are properly filled and functioning as expected.

Isn’t it time that you opted for propane for your business or home? Call Gassy Dan now and find out how much you can save and how much easier your life will be by using propane!