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Huntington Beach Propane Services

If you own a hotel or restaurant in Huntington Beach, you should be using propane powered equipment. Propane is inexpensive, safe and highly efficient. With Gassy Dan, you can be assured that you will receive the best Huntington Beach propane services at the lowest possible prices.

Since we specialize in working with hotels and restaurants, our hospitality propane services are simply second to none. In addition to providing onsite services, our technicians are fully certified and knowledgeable about different propane services and equipment.

For a restaurant, propane in Huntington Beach is not only common but is also growing in demand and use. For example, placing propane heating systems in your outdoor dining locations means that your customers can enjoy the fresh air day or night, without feeling the effects of cold weather periods. At Gassy Dan, in addition to providing the most reliable and least expensive propane, we can also deliver the propane equipment that you are seeking. Whether you prefer to lease or buy, you will find that Gassy Dan can set you up and keep you serviced on a continuing basis.

If you own a hotel, propane in Huntington Beach is also your best solution for providing outdoor comfort for your guests. Rather than being cooped up in their rooms because the weather happens to be cold, guests would much rather be enjoying the view and fresh breezes, particularly if propane heating elements are thoughtfully arranged throughout the premises.

Even residents have learned to rely on Gassy Dan for their Huntington Beach propane services. With home delivery at a fraction of the cost that other companies will charge, residents can be assured of continuous support and quality propane refills or canister replacements.

With our 30,000 gallon propane tank, we always get large discounts through bulk purchasing, and those savings are passed directly to our loyal and growing list of customers. To learn more, contact Gassy Dan today to find out how propane can make your life easier at a lower cost than other energy options!