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Help us reach our $1,000 goal for the @codywatersfoundation by snapping a pic with Gassy Dan on your next summer adventure!

Follow Gassy Dan this summer on his travels. Make sure to share your Gassy Dan sighting on social media using the hashtag #GassyDan for a donation to the Cody Waters Foundation

Click the button below to download a Gassy Dan cutout!

The Cody Waters Foundation is a small non profit organization in Orange County that raises money to help kids and their families, who are battling cancer and other terminal illnesses.  

The gas stinks, BUT GASSY Dan's TRAVELS don't

Help us reach our $1000 goal for the Cody Waters Foundation!

Download your Gassy Dan cutout and feature him in a social media post with the hashtag #GassyDan!


Download Your Gassy Dan Cutout By Clicking the Button Below.

Please Note: A maximum of $1000 U.S. dollars will be donated based on the amount of social media posts featuring Gassy Dan.

Download you Gassy Dan cutout and take him with you on your travels this summer. Every time Gassy Dan is used in a social media post using the hashtag #GassyDan will help us reach our $1000 goal for the Cody Waters Foundation!

  1. Download your Gassy Dan cutout.

  2. Take a picture with your Gassy Dan cutout at your next travel destination.

  3. Make sure to use the hashtag #GassyDan in your social media post.

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