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Does Your Business Have a Reliable Propane Source?

May Grey, June Gloom and unpredictable weather patterns plague outdoor businesses in Southern California— do you have a reliable fuel source for your patio heating? Western Propane Services is a commercial propane supplier in Orange County and Long Beach that offers an ultra-convenient patio gas delivery service to ensure that your customers are thriving in every season. 

Here’s why your business needs a reliable fuel source: 

Restaurants and Resorts Rely on Propane

You know better than anyone that businesses with outdoor seating rely heavily on propane. Without a consistent, reliable fuel source, they may experience disruptions that can impact their operations and disrupt the customer experience. 

Restaurants and resorts typically use propane-powered heaters to keep their customers comfortable and extend their outdoor dining— this is especially important as the busy season hits and indoor seating becomes limited. Using a reliable commercial propane supplier ensures that your heaters are always fueled and ready for use. 

Our Patio Gas Delivery Offers Convenience and Cost-Savings

With our propane mobile delivery service, restaurants can have their propane tanks delivered without having to leave their location or worry about transporting tanks back and forth. This saves time and effort for restaurant owners and employees. 

Convenient delivery schedules can be set up in advance to ensure that your business will always have a sufficient supply of propane to keep its outdoor seating areas heated. We offer a variety of tank sizes and types, with competitive pricing and convenient delivery options throughout the week. 

If your cylinder is within its regulation period, we can also exchange your existing propane tanks to ensure that you always have a full tank on hand. Our experienced team will ensure your tanks are delivered or exchanged safely, following all the necessary guidelines and regulations for propane safety. 

Patio Gas Delivery from a Reliable Commercial Propane Supplier 

Western Propane Services is known throughout the community for our affordable prices, exceptional customer service and prompt delivery. 

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