dana point propane delivery service

Dana Point Propane Services Now Available

For residents and business in Dana Point, propane services are available with just one quick call to Gassy Dan. While we specialize in offering top hospitality propane services in Dana Point, we also excel in providing the best services to homeowners as well. We are on call 7 days a week and are ready to meet the needs of every one of our customers.

For residents, this means arranging regular visits to check your propane tanks and to provide refills or container exchanges, even if you are at work or away from your home. We are able to keep our prices lower than any other propane service, because we buy more propane in bulk than anyone else. Our 30,000 gallon propane gas tank means that we are never out of propane and our customers will never have to wait even one day for a propane refill or container switch.

For a restaurant, propane in Dana Point is becoming more popular each year. It allows a dining establishment to offer outdoor dining options even on cold days or nights. A propane heating unit is highly effective, low cost to operate and distributes heat without any offensive or noticeable odors. This creates an inviting environment that encourages customers to stay longer, order more food and drinks and to return more often. Additionally, many patrons will also refer their friends and coworkers to such a place. It is definitely a business builder.

For a hotel, propane in Dana Point is equally attractive and appreciated. For cool or cold evenings, as well as on cold and windy days, being able to catch fresh air and soak up the warmth of a heating system means that hotel guests will do more than hole up in their rooms all evening. Many hotels have lovely outdoor areas near a bar, where their guests can enjoy a drink and take in the view or a sunset, without shivering and freezing.

Give Gassy Dan a call and find out how you can get the right propane equipment to make your business stand out and beckon both existing and new customers!