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A Commercial Propane Supplier for Restaurant and Resort Heating

At Western Propane Services, we understand the significance of propane as a versatile energy source to fuel a restaurant or resort’s outdoor experience. As a commercial propane supplier, we strive to provide the resources necessary to enhance business efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction.

Here’s how: 

Buy or Lease Outdoor Propane Heaters 

We offer convenient options for purchasing or leasing outdoor patio heaters to meet your specific heating requirements. Our SunGlo and EvenGLO brand heaters are available in a variety of colors to match the aesthetic of your business, and we have multiple options for assembly and delivery. 

If you choose to lease our commercial-grade heaters, we perform all maintenance required to ensure they’re in good working condition, and if we can’t fix them, we’ll replace them.    

Regular Propane Delivery 

As a top-quality commercial propane supplier, our delivery service provides as many cylinders as needed to span a delivery cycle. We can help eliminate the headaches associated with fueling your outdoor appliances, with convenient delivery, installation and competitive pricing— our customers save an average of 30% over other services. 

We’ll closely monitor your propane usage to ensure your inventory is exactly what you need, and we’ll even provide cylinder storage cages to ensure safekeeping. You can opt for propane delivery even without purchasing or leasing our outdoor propane heaters.  

Optimal Customer Service, Maintenance and Installation 

We guarantee a hassle-free experience in every regard of your establishment’s needs. If you purchase patio heaters, our friendly, trained staff members will ensure that your heaters are assembled and maintained properly. 

When you use our commercial propane delivery, our experienced professionals will do all the heavy lifting and installation required on-site. You’ll experience all the benefits of being regularly stocked with propane, with none of the hassle. 

Getting Started with a Top-Quality Commercial Propane Supplier 

Whether you’re looking for outdoor propane heaters or regular propane delivery, we provide the best prices and services in town. 

Contact us to get started.