Propane refill home delivery

3 Tips to Save Money on Propane 

Between skyrocketing inflation and California’s cost of living, we’re all looking for ways to cut costs wherever we can. Here are three ways to save on propane (spoiler: using a propane refill home delivery service can actually cost less!) 

1. Don’t Buy From the Big Guys

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again— don’t buy from major retailers! Not only are they already overcharging you, but they’re also typically not filling your tank to its full capacity. We know it’s convenient, but avoid filling up with the big guys down the street. 

If you choose another propane service, do some quick research— there are a number of tactics propane companies in Southern California might use to overcharge you, including hidden fees and long-term contracts. 

Pro Tip: For affordable propane delivered right to your doorstep, use a propane refill home delivery service

2. Buy in Bulk (If Possible) 

If you have the means and consistently burn through enough propane, buying in bulk can help you cut costs. Propane prices fluctuate, but suppliers typically offer discounts for larger refills. It might be wise to invest in a larger propane tank for cost savings! 

Again— make sure you do your research before a refill. You’ll want to make 100% sure that your supplier does offer discounts for bulk purchases. I mean, they definitely should, but you never know.  

3. Use Our Propane Refill Home Delivery Service 

Western Propane Services prides itself on being one of the honest propane companies in Southern California. We have the means and desire to ensure that you’re getting the best prices and services in town— just ask our customers!

We’ll deliver a properly filled propane cylinder straight to your door, with no hidden fees, no contracts and no additional costs. You’ll get two hours more burn time per cylinder, with delivered prices that are at or below the self-exchange cases you see in front of major retailers. 

View our residential propane delivery services to get started.